We do our best to help youth, whether LGBTQ or not, to make responsible life choices and help them grow. Because of our mission, we have partnerships with other organizations to help youth:

  • Free HIV and STI testing, Sexual Education provided by Open Door Community Services
  • Access to LGBTQ friendly therapy through Ball State Practicum Clinic
  • A Food Bank located in the Unitarian Universalist Church
  • Partnership with A Better Way in cases of domestic violence
  • Free Contraception/Protection.

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Suicide Prevention

The Trevor Project is an LGBT suicide prevention group. They are available 24/7 online and at their number 866.488.7386. If you or a loved one is in crisis, please contact them and/or a safe adult or friend.

7CupsOfTea is a website that offers trained “listeners” to safely chat online with visitors who are feeling emotionally stressed, upset, unaccepted or lonely. Listeners offer encouragement, positive support and a caring community for anyone needing some company.

The It Gets Better Project is a series of encouraging videos for LGBT people from celebrities and ordinary people with one common message: it gets better. This group also wants to help prevent suicide in the LGBT population. connects you to other teens from around the country and to problem-solving resources just for you. Hear from peers who respond with support, encouragement and direction.

The Gender Series

The Gender Series, created by Addison Smith, is an online educational video series that speaks about many topics on gender identity and sexual orientation. To view the entire series, visit Addison’s website

Addison is available to speak with your group. For bookings, contact Addison here.