We host a variety of programs that support LGBTQ youth and the educate the community.

Muncie OUTreach Youth Group

When: Meets every Friday from 5-8pm
Where: Muncie YWCA, 310 E. Charles St.
Muncie OUTreach is the only not-for-profit LGBTQ youth group in the East Central Indiana area. It’s a safe and positive environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth to learn more about themselves through peer interaction and educational experiences. The organization provides LGBTQ youth with positive role models and creates opportunities for emotional growth and community awareness through workshops, volunteerism, and social events.

Muncie OUTreach also strives to educate and support families of LGBTQ youth and the LGBTQ community. Through OUTreach, the community learns about and increases their sensitivity to the needs of sexual minority youth. We promote their self-esteem and self-awareness. Muncie OUTreach assists families and the community with resources and referrals.

Our Youth Group provides:

•    safe space
•    interaction with LGBTQ peers and adult role models
•    a peer support group
•    health & wellness activities
•    opportunities for leadership development
•    access to cultural events and youth development activities
•    information, resources & referrals
•    advocacy

Raising Rainbows

When: Meets the 2nd Friday of the month, 5-8pm
Where:  Muncie YWCA, 310 E. Charles St.

Raising Rainbows is a group for the parents and friends of LGBTQ youth, to talk to and support other parents and friends of LGBTQ youth. The meeting will be held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Muncie from 5-8 pm on the second Friday of every month, but all are welcome to come late and leave early.

Finding Spirit

Finding Spirit is a support group for trans and gender non-conforming individuals to gather and share resources and life experiences. Those aged 21+ are welcome. The group works to support proper information, resource-sharing, and inclusion for trans people. Contact Laura for more details.