On August 30th 2015 we are having a Thank you dinner for all who have assisted Muncie OUTReach!! At the end of our third year we are excited to be moving forward in growing our group. We did not get here alone; many people have volunteered their time, money, resources and food. We truly appreciate all your help and can’t wait for all who were invited to attend and meet our new board members and find out whats going on with our youth! Also a big thank you to Damask Cafe who will be feeding us during this event.

Listed below we would like to thank each group and individual for their amazing contributions!




John & Maggie Bartlett

Mary & Jim Bradley

Seth & Elizabeth Carrier-Ladd

Steve Chalk

Marnee Cooley

Jessie Creselious & Gary Jeffers

Caroline Curlin & Bryce Taylor

Stephanie & Randy Dillinger

Eleanor Johnson

Sue Errington

Alyssa Farnsworth

Rachel Gentry & Kerri Pickel

Linda & Connie Gregory

Sue & Robert Guillaud

Jim & Mary Hammonds

Brad & Holly Hanauer

Julia Corbett Hemeyer

Linda Hanson

Sarah & Kris Ratekin

Jerry & Linda McKean

Annemarie Voss

Nina Monstwillo

Jan & Ron Moore

Virginia Nilles

Eleanor Trawick & Markie Oliver

John & Manisha Peterson

Tania & Steve Schuler

Amy Shaw

Cheryl Simpkins & Natasha

Bea & Lynn Sousa

Denise & Ben Ewing

Mike & Caroline Sullivan

Nadine Tringali & Michael Mayfield

Sherry Ware

Bonnie Willy

Jim Helton

Curtis & Jennifer Bow

Bill Wakeland

Judith Reopke

Elizabeth Jessup-Piazza

Charles Jamieson

Dr. Juan Carlos Venis

Mary Jo Crowe-Reidy

Chef Heather Pier

Chris Simmons

Bobbi Taylor

Brett Ellison

Patricia E Cummings

Flo Lapin

Zach Enos & Aryn Sweeney

Wayne & Jane Meyer

Phillip Davis

Kimberly Hamilton

Kristen Owens

Mike Hawkins

Adrienne Gruver

Alyssa VanSkyock

Nancy Evan-Jones

Betsy Schroder

Judi Egbert

Jean Drumm

Gamma Rho Lambda

Ball State Spectrum

The Mark III Tap Room